coolest gear of the show

Melker Rödlöga wins the prestigious ”Coolest Gear of the Show” award at PADDLEexpo in Nuremberg, Germany - the leading paddlesports-exclusive trade fair globally.


With this award, being honoured by the international paddlesports industry & community, Melker pushes the boundaries of sustainability, craftsmanship, design & innovation even further – care for the environment and excellent design & capabillities is no longer in contrast!


From a design perspective the kayak is innovated with rougher waters, currents, tides and surf waves in mind – yet being stable, secure and easily maneuvered in calmer waters – bringing a perfect kayak to evolve your skills together with.



The look-and-feel of Melker Rödlöga is breathing surfish-bamboolicious-awesomeness and benefits from the FSC Bamboo Composite characteristics in combination with a honeycomb structure.  This makes the kayak lighter, stiffer, and more durable. With the use of bamboo, a fast-growing completely renewable grass, Melker Rödlöga is also less harmful to the environment.


easily maneuvered and playful sea kayak colors

The kayak’s great playfulness shows itself with the well defined rocker, the hard chines and its flat mid-section hull - delivering a highly responsive kayak with excellent maneuverability - making it perfect for versatile play in the most challenging waters.

Melker Rödlöga is designed for skeg to aid tracking capabilities in cross winds, still the kayak’s control can be even further enhanced with a responsive and retractable rudder (option).


The kayak is designed by award winning design engineer Magnus de Brito, together with Melker Kayaks’ design-team, to meet our highest possible standards of sustainability, design & innovation, function & safety, and value-for-money.


With Melker Rödlöga we take yet another step towards fulfilling Melker Kayaks’ vision of producing kayaks with zero environmental impact.


”... The result is a light weight, stiff, durable and not least an incredibly stylish kayak - suitable for everything from wave play to the longer weekend tours. In addition, the material is more environmentally friendly ... ”


Melker Kayaks is a proud partner to row around svalbard


melker örskär k2-1 innovative, Stable and secure. excellent glide and maneuverability.

Bring along kids, dogs or the extra gear for the overnight adventures - or paddle the kayak all by yourself - the innovative pedals and seats are easy to move between the cockpits.


The kayak has the measurements of 586 cm/64 cm and a weight of only 25 kg, which give the innovative and flexible kayak an excellent glide and maneuverability - even when you paddle it by yourself.


It also offers secure and stable characteristics, so the family can fully enjoy the experience during longer expeditions.

follow kajsa & Tone and their paddle adventure nordkapp-lofoten

Tone is one of the selected participants for Adventure Academy and Kajsa participated already in 2015 - together they form Pupper på Tur.


Follow their adventure here


We are honored to be an official partner to Adventure Academy and proud to contribute to realize Tone's & Kajsa's paddle adventure.


melker väderö bamboo composite configuration 2018

Melker Väderö is now available in two different sizes (MV & HV) and the 2018 standard configuration of the bamboo composite version features some significant updates to our great success.


FSC-bamboo composite with honey-comb structure / dayhatch with cup / all hatches and rims from KajakSport / adjustable backrest / cockpit foam for thigh rests / seat pad.


The rave reviews and awesome design, characteristics, look & feel comes as standard as well.

light, stable & sustainable colors





melker TROSSÖ bamboo composite configuration 2018

Melker Trossö is a playful and responsive allrounder — even for novice paddlers — and a kayak that evolves with your skills.


- The flat V-shaped bottom offers great initial and end stability and creates  an amazingly smooth, fast and fun kayak for everyone

- Well balanced rocker offers great control and maneuverability even in tougher conditions

- Easily accessed dayhatch placed on the foredeck

- Two big hatches, placed in the bow and the aft, offer great space for overnight adventures


If you are looking for a fun, playful and stable kayak that is easy to handle, both on land and in water, this is a kayak you should really consider.

Playful, light and responsive allrounder colors
melker bamboo longboard

Together with Bamboo Skateboards from California, we have produced a limited edition of really awesome and beautiful Longboards – in bamboo of course.


They have, just like us, realized the great benefits of bamboo in terms of both features and a positive environmental impact - as bamboo is a natural, fast growing grass - completely renewable.


44″ x 9.5″ Deck in 70% Bamboo / Nose: 2.625″ / Tail: 6.375″ / Wheelbase: 31″ / Thickness: 0.5″ / 180mm trucks / White 70mm/78A Undertow wheels / ABEC 7 Runner bearings / 0.25″ Hard Riser pads / 1.5″ Hardware / Clear grip


melker ulvön Serious expedition kayak with a playful character

Melker Ulvön takes the concept of sustainability, design & innovation, function & security, and value-for-money even further and introduces a serious expedition kayak with a playful character.


From a design perspective, the kayak is highly inspired by surfski characteristics and surfboard design. Melker Ulvön benefits from the FSC Bamboo Composite characteristics in combination with honeycomb structure. This makes the kayak lighter, stiffer, more durable and less harmful to the environment – as bamboo is a fast growing grass, completely renewable.


New Perspectives


Melker Kayaks vision is to innovate, design and manufacture affordable high quality kayaks - with the most serious attention to our corporate responsibility regarding customers, employees, communities and the environment.




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